If you are a new center seeking initial accreditation, click on the link below to register your center and apply for accreditation.

ATTENTION: If either of the following apply, click here to access the old portal:

You need to submit documentation to resolve a deficiency from a survey date in 2016.

You need to copy your center profile description from the old portal.


To access the NAPBC Center Portal, click "Log On" below.

Click here to view the center portal instructions


For questions, please email napbc@facs.org

CONNECTION TIMED-OUT: If you receive the following message, "You have no active role for this company portal"your connection has Timed-Out. To reconnect to the portal, close the entire browser and open the link to the portal again, or click the following link to log out of the system:https://accreditation.facs.org/Programs/Account/LogOut and log back in.